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Mattie: The Discovery

The darkness of a chaotic life surrounds Mattie Styles (Brianna Hope Beaton) as she grapples to explain the very things she has yet to understand. Her only ally, her grandmother, Betty Jean (Cynthia D. Perry), fights to keep the unraveling of her son Sam Sr. (Cameron Arnett) at bay while battling her own challenges in secret. Despite Betty Jean’s strong conviction and faith, the surroundings of a deteriorating mother, Annie (BJ Arnett) and a dejected brother, Sam Jr. (Jarvious Johnson), Mattie finds herself mentally alone in her world of dreams, visions and nightmares.


Things take a turn as Mattie Discovers that the lives of those around her begin to materialize in her mind before they actually occur, but along with this new found sight, so do the rising of her own personal choices of good and evil. All men are not good, all things are not what they seem and a world so easily known hangs between a blessing and a curse.

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A Good Man

A Child's "I Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda!" Story

Prepare Your Child For Success

Black & White Version         $12.00

Color Version                  $20.00

Birthing Nations

Birthing & Raising Children Supernaturally


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