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Featured Product
Featured Product

Jesus Is My Booski is a comical children’s series set in the enchanted kingdom of Zoe. In constant pursuit of the unseen Booski who has all solutions to life’s problems, the lively Jasper (Mic Sykes), vibrant Sha na Owa (Shawn Collins), and hilarious Country Boy (Reagan Givhan) and a host of others shine a comical light on issues such as self-esteem, abuse, faith and character. Popping out of a green screen background, the Booski emerges to the urban sounds of hip – hop, with steady intervals of joyous praise breaks, praise reports, and a slight touch of a reality show. The Booski’s the protagonist that has already defeated the villain, A.Cuser and all other “bad guys”. In every conflict, the Booski is the solution.

Disc One

Episodes 1-4


Disc Two

Episodes 5-8


Disc Three

Episodes 9-13


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