Camy Arnett Production Studios & Macon County Native Establishing Satellite in South Georgia

Updated: Sep 25

By Pivotal Rachael Sales

September 22, 2020

Shawn Collins on Set with CAPS in Knoxville, GA

Returning to Reynolds

Make up artist, singer, songwriter and videographer Shawn Collins is on a mission to establish filmography and videography as viable alternatives in the minds of the next generation.

This native of Macon County Georgia has returned to Reynolds to do just that. She and a production team out of Atlanta Georgia known as CAPS are establishing a satellite in South Georgia. They are making acting and media production services and classes available under Collins' leadership as executive director.

"Growing up, I didn't know that I could go to school for entertainment. When it was time for me to choose, I chose what was closest to what I enjoyed -- taking care of children. So I majored in early childhood education. If I had known, I would have gone to an art school for singing."

Collins says, however, that she is grateful because she still received the training she longed for in the arts. It was in Union City Georgia a city on the outskirts of Atlanta, that she became a part of CAPS, Camy Arnett Production Studios. This production company's mission is to captivate the airwaves through sound programming and present viable family friendly alternatives. They have a strong concentration on mentorship in media, arts and entertainment.

It was there that Shawn received a top rate education in the arts outside the four walls of a classroom. "CAPS has given me opportunities, but has also taught me to create my own career as an entrepreneur. I've been trained in videography, photography, graphic design, beauty and wellness, artistry and acting."

Collins says that in many ways she was unaware of all the gifts and talents she possessed. "I left Reynolds knowing I was a singer and I am returning as so much more. I credit that to the phenomenal leaders and strong team at CAPS. I'm committed to passing that on to the ones coming after me."

Captivating the Airwaves

CAPS founders are veteran actors and producers Cameron Arnett and BJ Arnett.

CAPS founders Cameron and BJ Arnett

Cameron is known for his recent roles in 2019's #1 family film, "Overcomer" and in Seventeen Magazines #1 Romantic Film for 2020, "I Still Believe". He was recently awarded best supporting actor for 2020 from the Canadian International Faith and Family Film Festival for his role in "Discarded Things", now streaming on PureFlix. Cameron was also named 2020 Actor of the Year with the International Christian Film and Music Festival.

His wife, Mrs. BJ Arnett is a former NBC news anchor and entertainment/lifestyle reporter, costumer and actor. She is currently the Interim Chair of the Art and Fashion Department at Clark Atlanta University (CAU) and an Associate Professor in fashion merchandising as well.

Taking Knoxville by Storm

This month CAPS was on location in Crawford County for a behind the scenes look at an upcoming project on human trafficking.

CAPS crew on Set in Knoxville, GA

They joined senior director and producer Doug Stroup of Make It Clear Ministries to shoot a documentary on this topic.

Stroup told South Georgia's NBC affiliate TV 41/WMGT, that the film's mission is to "bring awareness of human trafficking in Georgia and around the world."

Both Cameron and BJ have roles in this soon to be released short film and are honored to be a part of this painfully relevant subject matter.

Under the leadership of Shawn Collins, CAPS is actively recruiting artists, media professionals, interns and mentees in south Georgia. They are committed to raise up a generation that will take the media mountain. For more information, go to or email



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