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Bridging the gap between Film, Fashion, Entertainment and Education.

Mrs. BJ Billi Arnett, MBA



To expand opportunities to improve the status and portrayal of fashion business professionals by actively participating in teaching and mentoring the next generation. To expand the practical application experience in the fashion industry as it connects with art, film, television and social norms.

Clark Atlanta University Senior Exhibition & Forum Fashion Show


A proud Assistant Professor of Fashion Merchandising at Clark Atlanta University. 

With over 40 years of  background in the film/fashion/entertainment/education arena. Let me help you build a platform that assist in taking the next step in your business or brand.


Visual Merchandising

Promotional Planning Strategies

Retail Management

Fashion Show Production

Principles Of Fashion Industry

Wardrobe Styling and Consulting

Retail Math Buying and Planning

Case Studies In Fashion Marketing

Fashion Merchandising Seminar


History of Costume

Executive Leadership

Business Etiquette 


Makeup Modeling

Pre Production, Production,

& Post Production 

Audio, Film and Television Production

Always available to help tell your story.


 As a department advisor, I am responsible for providing academic and professional advice to fashion merchandising concentration majors. This concentration is the most heavily subscribed in the department. To further that commitment, I have engaged in mentorship discussions with students to help develop and or build their personal businesses. Students who demonstrate business, cultural and social excellence as it relates to their specific career aspirations are then given the opportunity to work/mirror or intern with some of Georgia’s best and brightest Fashion, Art and Business professionals. This also ties back into objective #1 -- expanding opportunity with the industry and student accountability exchange. A continued relationship with the Film/Costuming/Business community and expanded internships, jobs and mirroring opportunities. This interface with the industry has strengthened students' understanding of the industry and often given them intern opportunities. The following is a list of those industry leaders who have spoken, done workshops, given internships and/or paid jobs in 2017-2018.


Camy Arnett

Camy Arnett Production Studios


Miriam Ashford

11Alive NBC Atlanta Community Affairs Department

Anita Finklestien-Temple

Costumer Film and Television

Monica Woods-Younger

Costume Stylist Buyer CBS Television show Kevin Probably Saves the World


Dhaba Wayessa

Founder of Sandscribe Foundation

Shawn Collins

Dark And Dazzlin

Empress Holley

Costume Department Marvel Black Panther Movie

Isaac Spry

Fashion Designer/tailor

Alex Eubanks

Coke Cola VP Communications

Scotter Taylor

Digital Media Corp

Stevee Ashlock

Stevee Ashlock Productions

Randi Layne

CEO, Catwalk Productions

John Adcox


Jasmine Sykes

Ivy & Elm Photography

Christian Lee Storm

Producer of The Life of Pi

More names and corporations upon request


The philosophical underpinning of Research is the recognition that the Fashion Industry and Wardrobe Styling constitute an art; a major tool by which the creators of a movie are able to bring realism and beauty on the screen. Without the the Fashion Industry, Costuming/Wardrobe Styling, Set Design and Props, a story cannot completely be told. The visual presentation of a film involves a wide variety of textures that bring life to a film. How would the A Color Purple been able to transport you to another time and emotional intensity without the extraordinary costumes, locations, authentic to the period homes, cars and even Jut Joint?  Each color and texture is selected to evoke an emotional response to draw you to be captured by the film. It is also the vessel which adds authenticity to the time period of the film, or to the general intention of time, and contributes heavily to the impression that the film is seeking to create. ​The research that I've done (referenced below) demonstrates the importance of the Fashion Industry, Costuming/Wardrobe Styling - both nationally and globally. 

To my delight I have completed my first feature film as executive producer and costumer with my husband and partner Camy Arnett, Camy Arnett Production Studios. Shooting began May 2017 and we did our first screening to outstanding reviews May 2018. Below is an abbreviated  film synopsis and principle credits. This film used two recent graduates from CAU in the production and wardrobe and set design departments. This is proof the fashion and film areas not only work together but they refine the concept of igniting a fire for entrepreneurship and learning.


Abbreviated Synopsis​ Mattie: The Discovery

But a tragic murder serves as the catalyst that awakens hidden gifts and introduces Mattie to a life of discovery and unexpected temptations. It is during this life-shattering funeral that Mattie experiences the dilemma of being between the road that leads to mercy, grace and forgiveness or bitterness and the evil use of her new-found abilities.


To date Mattie: The Discovery has won 5 film Festival with multiple awards. 


2017-2018 Results:

⦁    Fashion School of Nuremberg Faculty and Student International Visit - Worked with our students to present a retail pricing marketing and branding plan for the German students' design line. Several of our merchandise were involved; led by Georgette Parker. 

⦁    The completion of the first industry standard fashion show with handbooks from both the Fashion Production students and the Promotional Planning Classes. These handbooks chronicle the development of the Spring Senior Fashion Show 2018 featuring both Fashion Designers and Fashion Merchandisers. 



Faculty Mentored Research: 

⦁    Developed and presented to media, television and film professionals from around the world - Presented "Developing Your Personal Brand" workshop at the Global Media Summit 2018, in Dallas, Texas. 

⦁    Developed and presented to media, television and film professionals for Content 17 -- Led a workshop on Talk Show hosting entitled “The Available Listener” and Costuming workshop entitled “Following the Created Story”.

⦁    Millennial Shopping habits survey – This research began with the following question in Fashion group discussions --  “Why are Millennials such unpredictable shoppers?” This led to my first ten point questionnaire that will take at least another term to clearly decipher the data. The assessment must be done with not only students, but millennials outside of the university systems. The first survey was done with Senior Fashion Merchandisers at CAU. Further exploration is being done on a larger scale.  This survey data is being collected at several institutions around the country to be analysed in developing more extensive and intrusive branding and marketing platforms. Such data may also assist in developing better teaching strategies. Below are my initial findings.

My role as a teacher is to strengthen students in a knowledge of the industry basics, promote the creativity of the present and press for the innovation of tomorrow. If I am the only one speaking, then I have missed my primary function – to spark critical thinking. As an educator my ears must be open to hear the great minds that are in the classroom with me. Understanding the millennial student has also led to a better understanding of the millennial consumer. Below is a description of the ongoing research of the millennial shopper.

Millennial Shopping habits survey – This research began with the question in Fashion group discussions
 “Why are Millennial’s such unpredictable shoppers” which lead to my first ten point questionnaire that will take at least another term to clearly discern the data. The assessment must be done with not only student but also Millennial outside of the university systems this first one was done with Senior Fashion Merchandisers. Further exploration is being done on a larger scale. Below is my initial findings. 




Service connotes to me, the invaluable sharing of my experience, educational and professional qualifications and skills.  This sharing, I perceive is paramount here at CAU, but extends as well at the community and other areas my endeavors.


I am an educator and motivator with an extensive background in the areas of Fashion Business, Merchandising and Marketing, and Media Promotions. My desire is to continue to ignite, educate and launch fashion students into full careers as fashion professionals. This I seek to accomplish by sharing my over 40 years of teaching and working in the industry.  My discipline as a Fashion Merchandising professional,has been the product of steadfastly building a considerable resume in this field. I will highlight some of my undertakings and then illustrate how these have culminated in my ability to offer to the curriculum of CAU, the courses that I trust are equipping our students with skills to allow them to be of service in the larger world of the entertainment industry and beyond.


Background Service


When looking at the service I have been to my department I first have to acknowledge that it has a few different parts. 


1. I am the only full-time fashion merchandising faculty. I have been serving in that capacity for the last 5 years. My area of service really connects with my background in Fashion, Film, Television and marketing interest and expertise. I have successfully designed programs that have connect with many of the learning outcomes of their course work. This has been accomplished by developing programs that allow my students to have connect the relevance of the text book studies with the practical application of that industry. By taking a fresh look at the course work as it relates to the ability for the students to secure employment in the Fashion Merchandising arena. I am also able to tease out how these programs point back to learning outcomes and track our success. 


One of the most popular activities I have organized is our panel discussions that focus on the relationship between Fashion Merchandising, Film, Art, Mass Media, and Marketing. We are extraordinarily blessed to be positioned in the state of Georgia at this time as we have a film and television industry that is noted for being number one in the world, according to the governor's office and the office of entertainment and film Georgia is marking over 10 billion dollars in Revenue. I saw this as a great opportunity two interface are students with the industry at Large in the specific areas mentioned earlier. I have also developed Fashion Week which in 2019 will mark its 4th year. We consistently have had an outstanding group of Industry professionals join us for panel discussions and workshops. 


2.  I have collaborated with other faculty members in the department to work with developing our Title III Department budgeting process, that allowed us to not only secure moving into the Oglethorpe Hall but also for us to have at that time a Fashion Lab named Fab Lab, a 3D printer, rolling racks new mannequins, dress forms and store fixtures.

 3. I've worked diligently with my colleagues to develop are minors in the Art.and Fashion departments. Making sure we are developing minors that will fully equip the student to enter the Fashion industry above the average student in competing systems. 

 4. I have done a great deal any evaluating our coursework and its ability to connect our students with jobs. I have been able to consistent in job placement at the AmericasMart, local and national retailers and wholesalers. 

 5. I have consistently worked to develop entrepreneurial strategies to embed in the Junior and Senior level course work. These have proven to be invaluable to the employment success of the student. 

 6. Currently, I am Chair of the Faculty Search Committee for a full time Assistant Professor of Fashion Merchandising. 

Film &Television

Producer, Director, Costume/ Stylist /Buyer and educator of over 40 years. Former NBC 11 Alive noon news anchor and entertainment/lifestyle reporter, Mrs.BJ Arnett is no stranger to the film and entertainment industry. As host and associate producer of Employment Line and Primetime for Georgia Public Television, additionally, TV69, (now CW) with Community, Beat of the City and Soul of Atlanta, BJ is familiar with investigative reporting and producing with her current talk shows BJA Today produced by Camy Arnett Production Studios and This Day with BJ Arnett.


Past film credits include Made in Heaven and Marc Pease Experience.  More recent films include Adrenaline and Grantham Rose, in which BJ plays the daughter of Marla Gibbs, who portrays Rose. One of her favorite roles was playing DeAndria Keanna Kelly, alongside her husband, Cameron Arnett in the five time Dove Award winning film, Stand Your Ground. She was also head of Costuming, designing the leading lady’s notorious red suit.  She is known as the "go to person" for connecting with other industry professionals and discreet guidance in fashion, film and television. She has also served as Public Relations Director, VP of Membership and continues to sit on the board of directors for WIFTA, Women In Film and Television Atlanta for the past 3 years as co – chair of the Gala committee team. BJ Arnett also sits on the Program Committee for the largest film festival in the country, Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. 


With her company, Model Majesty, LLC, she trains and books production talent for fashion, film and television events.  BJ and her husband, director, producer, and actor Cameron Arnett, are executive producers of their first feature film Mattie: The Discovery, producers of the film Destined to Love You, and associate producers of Angry Men. Together she and her husband serve on the Mayor’s Faith Initiative Committee, The Global Media Summit Board of Directors and she is mentor to numerous women across the country with Model Majesty, LLC. Mrs. Arnett has an MBA, BA in Fashion Merchandising and an AA in Fashion Design. She is currently an assistant professor in Fashion Merchandising at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia where she is a Millennial Workplace Development Specialist. She helps traditional retailers bridge the great divide between millennials and baby boomer employers.  She is also the founder of Fab Lab - a retail training space. In Spring of 2018, Mrs. Arnett developed the New York Trends and Tours, a New York City Fashion tour which included manufacturing site visits, the Lion King Costumer Production tour and a private meeting with the nationally acclaimed designer B. Michael of B Michael America. Another first -- Mrs. Arnett is the creator of the very first HBCU fashion week which has initiated a partnership between fashion, art, film, and entertainment through a series of workshops and panel discussions. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband -- producer, director, and actor Camy "Cameron" Arnett. 

New York Trends and Tours

Six Day Fashion Merchandising & Fashion Design Industry Experience

The Fashion Department as a whole had never had a NYC fashion merchandising and fashion design trip. This experience was the first of its kind! Here are some highlights: We were able to gain relationships with FIT professors which lead to an exchange of fashion education teaching methods and speaking opportunities. Continued collaboration with FIT is being developed. Tiffany’s with a AUC graduate who had taken fashion and art courses at CAU. Mood the fabulous fabric store from TV. Bloomingdales, VP of talent acquisitions, VP of Marketing, Nike design shop, Chinatown, 2 hours with the costume producer of the Lion King with a crazy back stage tour and costuming class. From the design to manufacturing side 2 hours with famed designer, B Michael of B Michael America. Lastly, which was our opening event in NYC we were able to walk through the production process with 2 costumers, and then go to a 3 hours a manufacturing houses seeing the process in action on all levels. Trends, Tours and Talk was an outstanding success.